June 14, 2004

thumbnail photos up soon

For those of you who traveled in our time machine and had your photo taken, I will try to have thumbnails of every photo we took up on this site within the next day or so. Watch this site. Meanwhile, the entry below is a "travelogue" of the night, complete with a few photos. If someone does not want their photo displayed here, please feel free to contact me.... toni at the URL of this site... and I will take it down. For anyone who wants to print out a copy, feel free to do so from this site -- however, please note that I have saved the photos here for the web, and if you wanted a higher resolution photo for a clearer print, just e-mail me and I'd be happy to send it to you.

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time traveling...

I've tried to size all of the following photos for the web so the download wouldn't be horrific... but if something's slow, y'all let me know and I'll put up thumbnails instead, or link to another page with the photos.

Here's a profile photo which best shows the time machine and all its gadgets:


The whole thing sits on skis, just in case you land somewhere snowy:


But before you time travel, you must first check the oil:


That's a dip stick that you can pull out (which I didn't photograph). And here's how you know when to change the oil:


Because, of course, you're reading the heads up display:



And you know you need to check your fuel before you go:


If you run low on the fuel (twinkies), the light on the fuel indicator would light up:


because the fuel pump:


would send a message to that indicator above. Once you are seated (here's Eliza):


you have to turn on the various things in sequence.... from the lights and thrusters:


and to the time travel button show above (the one with the twinkie indicator light)...

And when you switch on those thrusters, the thruster lights come on:


Some people were really surprised when they hit that thruster button:


because the whole thing suddenly vibrated. That was due to the unseen (a curtain hung over this) massager Carl had strapped to the back of the hair dryer seat:


which, when the thrusters were on, vibrated fairly heavily and the echo against the seat back made a real "engine" sound.

When the thruster lights come on, so do all of the lights around the wings and the rudder:


Which you steer while holding onto the handles on the side of the machine:


If you run into to anyone else time traveling, you can let them know you're there, too, by dinging this bell (which was surprisingly loud):


And just in case you travel really really far and have an, um, emergency, we have that covered:

close up of tpaper and oil cap.jpg

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